Got an Out-of-Tune Piano?

Signs You Need a Local Piano Service


Whether you are an experienced or a newbie pianist, the most crucial thing you should never lose sight of is keeping your piano instrument in top shape. This is where piano tuning comes in. Piano tuning is a form of maintenance process that maintains the harmonic sound of your instrument. Regular piano tuning also keeps your piano instrument in tip-top condition and lessens the chance of developing problematic issues. According to a local piano service provider, here is the list of the three key signs your piano is due for a professional tune-up.

Problems With the Soundboard

Take note that the foundation behind every note of your piano is the soundboard. With regular usage of your piano, it cannot be helped that it becomes more vulnerable to damages. In some cases, your piano would develop cracks, leading to awkward and incorrect sounds. The minute your piano starts producing buzzing, incorrect sounds when pressing specific keys, then it is time for a piano tuning. A local piano service provider recommends that it is best to tackle the problem as soon as possible. A tune-up should be your first option. If the alternative option does not resolve the music quality of your piano, then head to your local piano repair shop as soon as possible.

Production of Flat or Sharp Sound

It is relatively easy to spot when your piano produces a flat or a sharp sound every time you play a song. If this happens to your piano, it is best to call the piano tuning specialist in order for the issue to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Piano experts would be able to provide help as they will re-stabilize the components of your piano, such as the pins and strings.

If you need professional piano tuning, you should turn to Steve's Piano Service. As a local piano service provider in Westwood, NJ, we will make sure your piano is professionally tuned out. Contact us at (201) 783-7153.

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