The Skilled Piano Technician

Piano key tuning is necessary not just when you start to hear your piano sounding not the way it should, and I, Steve's Piano Service of in Westwood, NJ, can keep this service at your easy reach.  The service is needed twice a year to keep your piano healthy, the way you would give maintenance to other household objects even when they are still working perfectly.  The way I do the job is efficient, and you will be guaranteed a perfect piano that will last a long time.

I, Steve's Piano Service of Westwood, NJ, am a skilled piano technician that has been in the business for the whopping 41 years.  I have gained intimacy with the craft over these years and know it extremely well.

I have worked with many customers with very different dilemmas.  But, in each case, I am able to quickly determine what to do.  I am able to do it efficiently without causing collateral effects that would damage your piano sometimes beyond the original issue.

I offer piano action regulation.  I make sure your keys are in just the right setting to be pressed to make the right sound.

I also offer piano action repair for when your instrument has not been regulated to the point that damage has occurred to its function.  I can efficiently restore your instrument’s ability to fully work and be comfortable for you to use.

I give piano string replacement.  I can give you just the right material to create a sound that fits that of the rest of the strings or to make the piano sound like its identity.  I will do the job efficiently and precisely.  Your new string will be durable.

In my run, I have gained the trust of many customers to handle their precious pianos.  These items are often irreplaceable in sentimental terms, but many have already deemed me reliable enough to handle them without creating any undesirable effects on them but in fact preserving and even boosting their functionality for the years to come.

I, Steve's Piano Service of Westwood, NJ, could be the name you are looking for to handle your piano and keep it working as you want it. My work is very affordable.  I give free estimates.  Call me at (201) 783-7153.

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